About Us


Mr. Dhirender Gaba

Founder & MD

Mr.Dhirender Gaba founded Fairwealth Group in 2005. With over two decades of rich experience, he has charted a unique and distinguished career,reflected in the rise of the Fairwealth Group.

Led by Fairwealth Securities Ltd, the group has an unblemished history of profits and dividends. A law graduate and MBA, Finance, Mr. Dhirender Gaba has been associated with the stock market and its operations since 1995. He has grown leaps & bounds to become a reputed figure in the financial services domain. He is much valued for his deep understanding of the stock market, his analysis and advice to companies, and also his research in stocks and investments. He is a crafty mind when it comes to long-term investments and has a profound knowledge of macro and microeconomics. Much like legends of the field, Mr. Gaba buys into the business model of a company and expertly judges the longevity and growth potential. Among his top priorities are competitive ability, scalability and management quality of the enterprise. Under his experienced leadership, Fairwealth Securities has rapidly expanded and made a widespread presence felt all over India, seamlessly growing into a financial services company par excellence.

Fairwealth Housing established as the flagship company of the group to lead its foray in to the real estate business. Leveraging his successful learnings in understanding of the market and customer from its financial services business, Mr. Gaba wanted to extend its expertise into creating well-planned projects in India, firmly believing in the principle that good design and quality at an affordable price enhances happiness.An ambitious growth strategy has enabled Fairwealth Housing to initiate first project "Fairwealth Breeze Homes" in Bhiwadi.

Mr. Naveen Gaba

Director, Fairwealth

A co-promoter in the company, Mr. Naveen Gaba is a pillar of strength for Fairwealth group. An arts graduate, Mr. Naveen Gaba has more than 17 years of experience up his sleeve. It is this phenomenal experience and field know-how that makes him a blessing for the company. After joining the business as the Director of Fairwealth group, Mr.Gaba took charge of the entire Sales, Marketing and Customer Support division of the company.

Known for his able business sense and innovative thinking, Mr. Naveen Gaba took the company to scaling heights. His target has always been institutional business. Mr. Gaba strongly abides by the principle of maintaining high level of investor relations and customer satisfaction. He has been auxiliary in encouraging professional marketing in the company. It is impeccable inclination towards business and immense experience in marketing of financial products and services that he makes all projects fruitful for clients. Under Mr. Naveen's dynamic leadership, the company has established more than 30 branches all across the country.

Mr. Nipun Gaba

Director-Corporate Communications

Young and Enterprising, Mr. Nipun Gaba brings contemporary thought process and consumer logic to the business. Finance professional from Sydney, Australia. Instrumental in instutionalising business strategy that offers better deals at better prices. His belief is in the fact that travel business is all about promoting sentiments of people, experiences and services that is heartfelt.